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Publications Sinues Pablo

Ambient prenatal air pollution exposure is associated with low cord blood IL-17a in infants.

Gorlanova O; Oller H; Marten A; Müller L; Laine-Carmelli J; Decrue F; Salem Y; Vienneau D; Hoogh K; Gisler A; Usemann J; Korten I; Yammine S; Nahum U; Künstle N; Sinues P; Schulzke S; Latzin P; Fuchs O; Röösli M; Schaub B; Frey U; BILD study group. Pediatric Allergy and Immunology. 2023.

UHPLC-MS/MS-Based Identity Confirmation of Amino Acids Involved in Response to and Side Effects from Antiseizure Medications.

Awchi M; Sinues P; Datta AN; García-Gómez D; Singh KD. Journal of Proteome Research. 2023.

An interoperability framework for multicentric breath metabolomic studies

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An Interoperability Framework for Multicentric Breath Metabolomic Studies

Amanda Gisler; Kapil Dev Singh; Jiafa Zeng; Martin Osswald; Mo Awchi; Fabienne Decrue; Felix Schmidt; Noriane Sievi; Xing Chen; Jakob Usemann; Urs Frey; Malcolm Kohler; Xue Li; Pablo Sinues. . 2022.

Comparison of Plasma Ionization- and Secondary Electrospray IonizationHigh-resolution Mass Spectrometry for Real-time Breath Analysis

Zeng J.; Christen A.; Singh K.D.; Frey U.; Sinues P.. Chimia. 2022.

Increased Impact of Air Pollution on Lung Function in Preterm versus Term Infants: The BILD Study.

Decrue F; Gorlanova O; Salem Y; Vienneau D; de Hoogh K; Gisler A; Usemann J; Korten I; Nahum U; Sinues P; Schulzke S; Fuchs O; Latzin P; Röösli M; Frey U; BILD study group. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. 2022.

In vivo detection of metabolic <sup>2</sup>H-incorporation upon ingestion of <sup>2</sup>H<inf>2</inf>O

Arnold K.; Chen X.; Zhang H.; Singh K.D.; Yin Z.; Yao Y.; Luan T.; Sinues P.; Li X.. Journal of Bio-X Research. 2022.

Rapid detection of Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pneumoniae by real-time analysis of volatile metabolites

Gomez-Mejia A.; Arnold K.; Bar J.; Singh K.D.; Scheier T.C.; Brugger S.D.; Zinkernagel A.S.; Sinues P.. iScience. 2022.

Circadian Metabolomics from Breath.

Brown SA; Sinues P. Methods in Molecular Biology. 2021.

Combination of Exhaled Breath Analysis with Parallel Lung Function and FeNO Measurements in Infants.

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In vivo monitoring of volatile metabolic trajectories enables rapid diagnosis of influenza A infection.

Yin Z ; Huang W ; Singh KD ; Chen Z ; Chen X ; Zhou Z ; Yang Z ; Sinues P ; Li X . Chemical Communications. 2021.

Monitoring peppermint washout in the breath metabolome by secondary electrospray ionization-high resolution mass spectrometry.

Lan J; Gisler A; Bruderer T; Sinues P; Zenobi R. Journal of Breath Research. 2021.

Online Real-Time Monitoring of Exhaled Breath Particles Reveals Unnoticed Transport of Nonvolatile Drugs from Blood to Breath.

Chen X; Zhang K; Yin Z; Fang M; Pu W; Liu Z; Li L; Sinues P; Dallmann R; Zhou Z; Li X. Analytical Chemistry. 2021.

Personalised therapeutic management of epileptic patients guided by pathway-driven breath metabolomics.

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Quantification of volatile organic compounds by secondary electrospray ionization-high resolution mass spectrometry.

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Rapid and reversible control of human metabolism by individual sleep states.

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Real-Time Monitoring of Metabolism during Exercise by Exhaled Breath.

Osswald M; Kohlbrenner D; Nowak N; Spörri J; Sinues P; Nieman D; Sievi NA; Scherr J; Kohler M. Metabolites. 2021.

Real-time pharmacokinetics via online analysis of exhaled breath.

López-Lorente CI; Awchi M; Sinues P; García-Gómez D. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis. 2021.

The peppermint breath test: A benchmarking protocol for breath sampling and analysis using GC-MS

Wilkinson M.; White I.; Hamshere K.; Holz O.; Schuchardt S.; Bellagambi F.G.; Lomonaco T.; Biagini D.; Di F.F.; Fowler S.J.; Beauchamp J.D.; Cristescu S.M.; Focant J.-F.; Franchina F.A.; Grassin-Delyle S.; Hadjithekli A.; Henderson B.; Koppen G.F.; Langejurgen J.; Malaskova M.; Mayhew C.; Moreno S.; Pedrotti M.; Pugliese G.; Ruszkiewicz D.M.; Salman D.; Sinues P.; Slingers G.F.; Stefanuto P.-H.; Thomas C.L.P.; Wilde M.; Zanella D.; Zenobi R.. Journal of Breath Research. 2021.

Validation of breath biomarkers for obstructive sleep apnea.

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A benchmarking protocol for breath analysis: the peppermint experiment.

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Real-time breath analysis of exhaled compounds upon peppermint oil ingestion by secondary electrospray ionization-high resolution mass spectrometry: technical aspects.

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Molecular breath analysis supports altered amino acid metabolism in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

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Real-Time Breath Analysis Reveals Specific Metabolic Signatures of COPD Exacerbations.

Gaugg MT; Nussbaumer-Ochsner Y; Bregy L; Engler A; Stebler N; Gaisl T; Bruderer T; Nowak N; Sinues P; Zenobi R; Kohler M. Chest. 2019.

Standardization procedures for real-time breath analysis by secondary electrospray ionization high-resolution mass spectrometry.

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Real-time exhaled breath analysis in patients with cystic fibrosis and controls.

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Real-time mass spectrometric identification of metabolites characteristic of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in exhaled breath

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Real-Time Monitoring of Tricarboxylic Acid Metabolites in Exhaled Breath.

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Translating secondary electrospray ionization-high-resolution mass spectrometry to the clinical environment.

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Comprehensive Real-Time Analysis of the Yeast Volatilome.

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Gauging circadian variation in ketamine metabolism by real-time breath analysis.

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Mass-Spectrometric Detection of Omega-Oxidation Products of Aliphatic Fatty Acids in Exhaled Breath.

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Metabolic effects of inhaled salbutamol determined by exhaled breath analysis.

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Rapid fingerprinting of grape volatile composition using secondary electrospray ionization orbitrap mass spectrometry: A preliminary study of grape ripening

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Secondary electrospray ionization proceeds via gas-phase chemical ionization

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Capturing in Vivo Plant Metabolism by Real-Time Analysis of Low to High Molecular Weight Volatiles.

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Effects of CPAP therapy withdrawal on exhaled breath pattern in obstructive sleep apnoea.

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Expanding metabolite coverage of real-time breath analysis by coupling a universal secondary electrospray ionization source and high resolution mass spectrometry - A pilot study on tobacco smokers

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Noninvasive strategies for breast cancer early detection

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Secondary electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry and a novel statistical bioinformatic approach identifies a cancer-related profile in exhaled breath of breast cancer patients: a pilot study.

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Mass spectrometry research at the laboratory for organic chemistry, eth zurich

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Letter to the editor

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