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Publications Hutter Gregor

Brain cortical alterations in COVID-19 patients with neurological symptoms.

Sanabria-Diaz G; Etter MM; Melie-Garcia L; Lieb JM; Psychogios MN; Hutter G; Granziera C. Frontiers in neuroscience. 2022.

COVID-19 and Preexisting Comorbidities: Risks, Synergies, and Clinical Outcomes.

Bigdelou B; Sepand MR; Najafikhoshnoo S; Negrete JAT; Sharaf M; Ho JQ; Sullivan I; Chauhan P; Etter M; Shekarian T; Liang O; Hutter G; Esfandiarpour R; Zanganeh S. Frontiers in immunology. 2022.

Immunotherapy of glioblastoma explants induces interferon-γ responses and spatial immune cell rearrangements in tumor center, but not periphery.

Shekarian T; Zinner CP; Bartoszek EM; Duchemin W; Wachnowicz AT; Hogan S; Etter MM; Flammer J; Paganetti C; Martins TA; Schmassmann P; Zanganeh S; Le Goff F; Muraro MG; Ritz MF; Phillips D; Bhate SS; Barlow GL; Nolan GP; Schürch CM; Hutter G. Science Advances. 2022.

Interferon-γ resistance and immune evasion in glioma develop via Notch-regulated co-evolution of malignant and immune cells

Parmigiani E.; Ivanek R.; Rolando C.; Hafen K.; Turchinovich G.; Lehmann F.M.; Gerber A.; Brkic S.; Frank S.; Meyer S.C.; Wakimoto H.; Gunel M.; Louvi A.; Mariani L.; Finke D.; Hollander G.; Hutter G.; Tussiwand R.; Taylor V.; Giachino C.. Developmental Cell. 2022.

Mesenchymal-endothelial nexus in breast cancer spheroids induces vasculogenesis and local invasion in a CAM model.

Li A; Muenst S; Hoffman J; Starck L; Sarem M; Fischer A; Hutter G; Shastri VP. Communications Biology. 2022.

Severe Neuro-COVID is associated with peripheral immune signatures, autoimmunity and neurodegeneration: a prospective cross-sectional study

Etter M.M.; Martins T.A.; Kulsvehagen L.; Possnecker E.; Duchemin W.; Hogan S.; Sanabria-Diaz G.; Muller J.; Chiappini A.; Rychen J.; Eberhard N.; Guzman R.; Mariani L.; Melie-Garcia L.; Keller E.; Jelcic I.; Pargger H.; Siegemund M.; Kuhle J.; Oechtering J.; Eich C.; Tzankov A.; Matter M.S.; Uzun S.; Yaldizli O.; Lieb J.M.; Psychogios M.-N.; Leuzinger K.; Hirsch H.H.; Granziera C.; Probstel A.-K.; Hutter G.. Nature Communications. 2022.

Targeting immunoliposomes to EGFR-positive glioblastoma.

Kasenda B; König D; Manni M; Ritschard R; Duthaler U; Bartoszek E; Bärenwaldt A; Deuster S; Hutter G; Cordier D; Mariani L; Hench J; Frank S; Krähenbühl S; Zippelius A; Rochlitz C; Mamot C; Wicki A; Läubli H. ESMO Open. 2022.

The immune response to COVID-19: Does sex matter?

Ho JQ; Sepand MR; Bigdelou B; Shekarian T; Esfandyarpour R; Chauhan P; Serpooshan V; Beura LK; Hutter G; Zanganeh S. Immunology. 2022.

The sylvian keyhole approach for surgical clipping of middle cerebral artery aneurysms: Technical nuance to the minipterional craniotomy.

Rychen J; Saemann A; Gehweiler JE; Roethlisberger M; Soleman J; Hutter G; Müller-Gerbl M; Mariani L; Guzman R. Frontiers in surgery. 2022.

Cross-reactivity and functionality of approved human immune checkpoint blockers in dogs

Pantelyushin S.; Ranninger E.; Guerrera D.; Hutter G.; Maake C.; Markkanen E.; Bettschart-Wolfensberger R.; Bley C.R.; Laubli H.; Vom Berg J.. Cancers. 2021.

Dual targeting of JAK2 and ERK interferes with the myeloproliferative neoplasm clone and enhances therapeutic efficacy.

Brkic S; Stivala S; Santopolo A; Szybinski J; Jungius S; Passweg JR; Tsakiris D; Dirnhofer S; Hutter G; Leonards K; Lischer HEL; Dettmer MS; Neel BG; Levine RL; Meyer SC. Leukemia. 2021.

Fitness-to-drive for glioblastoma patients: Guidance from the Swiss Neuro-Oncology Society (SwissNOS) and the Swiss Society for Legal Medicine (SGRM).

Hofer S; Keller K; Imbach L; Roelcke U; Hutter G; Hundsberger T; Hertler C; Le Rhun E; Vasella F; Cordier D; Neidert M; Hottinger A; Migliorini D; Pflugshaupt T; Eggenberger N; Baumert B; Läubli H; Gramatzki D; Reinert M; Pesce G; Schucht P; Frank I; Lehnick D; Weiss T; Wirsching HG; Wolpert F; Roth P; Weller M. Swiss medical weekly. 2021.

The need for neuroimaging in first manifestations of psychiatric symptoms

Saleh C.; Seidl U.; Hutter G.; Hund-Georgiadis M.. Surgical Neurology International. 2021.

Treatment and Postinterventional Management of a Fusiform Intracranial Aneurysm in a Professional Soccer Player: A Case Report.

Etter MM; Bonati L; Tsogkas I; Hutter G; Blackham K; Guzman R; Psychogios MN. . 2021.

Microglia-Centered Combinatorial Strategies Against Glioblastoma

Martins T.A.; Schmassmann P.; Shekarian T.; Boulay J.-L.; Ritz M.-F.; Zanganeh S.; vom Berg J.; Hutter G.. Frontiers in immunology. 2020.

Microglia are effector cells of CD47-SIRPα antiphagocytic axis disruption against glioblastoma.

Hutter G; Theruvath J; Graef CM; Zhang M; Schoen MK; Manz EM; Bennett ML; Olson A; Azad TD; Sinha R; Chan C; Assad Kahn S; Gholamin S; Wilson C; Grant G; He J; Weissman IL; Mitra SS; Cheshier SH. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2019.

Quantitative proteomics reveals reduction of endocytic machinery components in gliomas.

Buser DP; Ritz MF; Moes S; Tostado C; Frank S; Spiess M; Mariani L; Jenö P; Boulay JL; Hutter G. EBioMedicine. 2019.

Repurposing rotavirus vaccines for intratumoral immunotherapy can overcome resistance to immune checkpoint blockade.

Shekarian T; Sivado E; Jallas AC; Depil S; Kielbassa J; Janoueix-Lerosey I; Hutter G; Goutagny N; Bergeron C; Viari A; Valsesia-Wittmann S; Caux C; Marabelle A. Science Translational Medicine. 2019.

Notch1 regulates the initiation of metastasis and self-renewal of Group 3 medulloblastoma

Kahn S.A.; Wang X.; Nitta R.T.; Gholamin S.; Theruvath J.; Hutter G.; Azad T.D.; Wadi L.; Bolin S.; Ramaswamy V.; Esparza R.; Liu K.-W.; Edwards M.; Swartling F.J.; Sahoo D.; Li G.; Wechsler-Reya R.J.; Reimand J.; Cho Y.-J.; Taylor M.D.; Weissman I.L.; Mitra S.S.; Cheshier S.H.. Nature Communications. 2018.

Publisher Correction: Notch1 regulates the initiation of metastasis and self-renewal of Group 3 medulloblastoma.

Kahn SA; Wang X; Nitta RT; Gholamin S; Theruvath J; Hutter G; Azad TD; Wadi L; Bolin S; Ramaswamy V; Esparza R; Liu KW; Edwards M; Swartling FJ; Sahoo D; Li G; Wechsler-Reya RJ; Reimand J; Cho YJ; Taylor MD; Weissman IL; Mitra SS; Cheshier SH. Nature Communications. 2018.


Gregor Hutter. . 2017.

Disrupting the CD47-SIRPα anti-phagocytic axis by a humanized anti-CD47 antibody is an efficacious treatment for malignant pediatric brain tumors.

Gholamin S; Mitra SS; Feroze AH; Liu J; Kahn SA; Zhang M; Esparza R; Richard C; Ramaswamy V; Remke M; Volkmer AK; Willingham S; Ponnuswami A; McCarty A; Lovelace P; Storm TA; Schubert S; Hutter G; Narayanan C; Chu P; Raabe EH; Harsh G 4th; Taylor MD; Monje M; Cho YJ; Majeti R; Volkmer JP; Fisher PG; Grant G; Steinberg GK; Vogel H; Edwards M; Weissman IL; Cheshier SH. Science Translational Medicine. 2017.

Induction of differential macrophage and microglial glioblastoma phagocytosis by anti CD47 treatment - implication of tumor subtypes

Hutter,Gregor. . 2017.

PD-1 expression by tumour-associated macrophages inhibits phagocytosis and tumour immunity.

Gordon SR; Maute RL; Dulken BW; Hutter G; George BM; McCracken MN; Gupta R; Tsai JM; Sinha R; Corey D; Ring AM; Connolly AJ; Weissman IL. Nature. 2017.

Reverse phase protein arrays enable glioblastoma molecular subtyping.

Hutter G; Sailer M; Azad TD; von Bueren AO; Nollau P; Frank S; Tostado C; Sarvepalli D; Ghosh A; Ritz MF; Boulay JL; Mariani L. Journal of neuro-oncology. 2017.

Tumor-associated macrophages, nanomedicine and imaging: the axis of success in the future of cancer immunotherapy.

Zanganeh S; Spitler R; Hutter G; Ho JQ; Pauliah M; Mahmoudi M. Immunotherapy. 2017.

An Enzyme- and Serum-free Neural Stem Cell Culture Model for EMT Investigation Suited for Drug Discovery.

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Anti-CD47 Treatment Stimulates Phagocytosis of Glioblastoma by M1 and M2 Polarized Macrophages and Promotes M1 Polarized Macrophages In Vivo.

Zhang M; Hutter G; Kahn SA; Azad TD; Gholamin S; Xu CY; Liu J; Achrol AS; Richard C; Sommerkamp P; Schoen MK; McCracken MN; Majeti R; Weissman I; Mitra SS; Cheshier SH. PLoS One. 2016.

Introduction: Cancer Stem Cells

Mitra S.S.; He J.Q.; Esparza R.; Hutter G.; Cheshier S.H.; Weissman I.. . 2016.

Iron oxide nanoparticles inhibit tumour growth by inducing pro-inflammatory macrophage polarization in tumour tissues.

Zanganeh S; Hutter G; Spitler R; Lenkov O; Mahmoudi M; Shaw A; Pajarinen JS; Nejadnik H; Goodman S; Moseley M; Coussens LM; Daldrup-Link HE. Nature Nanotechnology. 2016.

Intracranial Interdigitating Dendritic Cell Sarcoma: First Case Report

Hutter G.; Hofer S.; Tzankov A.; Kothbauer K.F.. Neurosurgery. 2015.

Expression of different neurokinin-1 receptor (NK1R) isoforms in glioblastoma multiforme: potential implications for targeted therapy.

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Extensive cervical prevertebral haemorrhage with airway obstruction after low-energy hyperextension injury

Hutter,Gregor; Benz,Romedi; Taub,Ethan; Kothbauer,Karl F. ; Baur,Martin. Injury Extra. 2014.

Risk factors for postoperative CSF leakage after elective craniotomy and the efficacy of fleece-bound tissue sealing against dural suturing alone: A randomized controlled trial - Clinical article

Hutter G.; Von Felten S.; Sailer M.H.; Schulz M.; Mariani L.. Journal of neurosurgery. 2014.

IDH/MGMT-driven molecular classification of low-grade glioma is a strong predictor for long-term survival.

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Non-invasive neural stem cells become invasive in vitro by combined FGF2 and BMP4 signaling

Sailer M.H.M.; Gerber A.; Tostado C.; Hutter G.; Cordier D.; Mariani L.; Ritz M.-F.. Journal of cell science. 2013.

SIRPα polymorphisms, but not the prion protein, control phagocytosis of apoptotic cells.

Nuvolone M; Kana V; Hutter G; Sakata D; Mortin-Toth SM; Russo G; Danska JS; Aguzzi A. The Journal of experimental medicine. 2013.

Engulfment of cerebral apoptotic bodies controls the course of prion disease in a mouse strain-dependent manner

Kranich, Jan; Krautler, Nike Julia; Falsig, Jeppe; Ballmer, Boris; Li, Shulei; Hutter, Gregor; Schwarz, Petra; Moos, Rita; Julius, Christian; Miele, Gino; Aguzzi, Adriano. The Journal of experimental medicine. 2010.

Heat shock factor 1 regulates lifespan as distinct from disease onset in prion disease.

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The role of calorie restriction and SIRT1 in prion-mediated neurodegeneration.

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Transcriptional stability of cultured cells upon prion infection.

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Abdominal seeding of an atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor of the pineal gland along a ventriculoperitoneal shunt catheter.

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No superoxide dismutase activity of cellular prion protein in vivo.

Hutter G; Heppner FL; Aguzzi A. Biological Chemistry. 2003.