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Publications Scherberich Arnaud

Mini- and macro-scale direct perfusion bioreactors with optimized flow for engineering 3D tissues.

Born G; Plantier E; Nannini G; Caimi A; Mazzoleni A; Asnaghi MA; Muraro MG; Scherberich A; Martin I; García-García A. Biotechnology journal. 2023.

Prussian Blue Staining to Visualize Iron Oxide Nanoparticles

Bitonto V.; Garello F.; Scherberich A.; Filippi M.. . 2023.

A composite, off-the-shelf osteoinductive material for large, vascularized bone flap prefabrication.

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Combining High-Resolution Hard X-ray Tomography and Histology for Stem Cell-Mediated Distraction Osteogenesis

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Cross-sectional Vascularization Pattern of the Adipofascial Anterolateral Thigh Flap for Application in Tissue-engineered Bone Grafts.

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Engineered Magnetic Nanocomposites to Modulate Cellular Function.

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Repair of a Rat Mandibular Bone Defect by Hypertrophic Cartilage Grafts Engineered From Human Fractionated Adipose Tissue.

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T-cadherin Expressing Cells in the Stromal Vascular Fraction of Human Adipose Tissue: Role in Osteogenesis and Angiogenesis.

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Case Report: Reconstruction of a Large Maxillary Defect With an Engineered, Vascularized, Prefabricated Bone Graft.

Ismail T; Haumer A; Lunger A; Osinga R; Kaempfen A; Saxer F; Wixmerten A; Miot S; Thieringer F; Beinemann J; Kunz C; Jaquiéry C; Weikert T; Kaul F; Scherberich A; Schaefer DJ; Martin I. Frontiers in Oncology. 2021.

Chronic inflammation and extracellular matrix-specific autoimmunity following inadvertent periarticular influenza vaccination.

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Culturing patient-derived malignant hematopoietic stem cells in engineered and fully humanized 3D niches

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Engineering of fully humanized and vascularized 3D bone marrow niches sustaining undifferentiated human cord blood hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells

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Rapid magneto-sonoporation of adipose-derived cells

Filippi M.; Dasen B.; Scherberich A.. Materials. 2021.

Tenascin-W: Discovery, Evolution, and Future Prospects

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Chicken egg white: Hatching of a new old biomaterial

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Dispersion of ceramic granules within human fractionated adipose tissue to enhance endochondral bone formation.

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Mastering bioactive coatings of metal oxide nanoparticles and surfaces through phosphonate dendrons

Nguyen D.-V.; Perton F.; Voirin E.; Cotin G.; Begin-Colin S.; Felder-Flesch D.; Hugoni L.; Lavalle P.; Filippi M.; Power L.; Scherberich A.; Shi D.; Krafft M.-P.. New Journal of Chemistry. 2020.

Nano Meets Micro-Translational Nanotechnology in Medicine: Nano-Based Applications for Early Tumor Detection and Therapy.

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Natural Polymeric Scaffolds in Bone Regeneration.

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Platelet-rich plasma and stromal vascular fraction cells for the engineering of axially vascularized osteogenic grafts.

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Use of nanoparticles in skeletal tissue regeneration and engineering.

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VEGF Over-Expression by Engineered BMSC Accelerates Functional Perfusion, Improving Tissue Density and In-Growth in Clinical-Size Osteogenic Grafts.

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Improved Adipocyte Viability in Autologous Fat Grafting With Ascorbic Acid-Supplemented Tumescent Solution.

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Magnetic nanocomposite hydrogels and static magnetic field stimulate the osteoblastic and vasculogenic profile of adipose-derived cells.

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Metronidazole-functionalized iron oxide nanoparticles for molecular detection of hypoxic tissues.

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Prefabrication of a large pedicled bone graft by engineering the germ for de novo vascularization and osteoinduction.

Epple C; Haumer A; Ismail T; Lunger A; Scherberich A; Schaefer DJ; Martin I. Biomaterials. 2019.

An In Vitro Bone Model to Investigate the Role of Triggering Receptor Expressed on Myeloid Cells-2 in Bone Homeostasis

Rossi E.; Mracsko E.; Papadimitropoulos A.; Allafi N.; Reinhardt D.; Mehrkens A.; Martin I.; Knuesel I.; Scherberich A.. Tissue Eng Part C Methods. 2018.

Decoration of RGD-mimetic porous scaffolds with engineered and devitalized extracellular matrix for adipose tissue regeneration.

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Ectopic bone formation by aggregated mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow and adipose tissue: A comparative study

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Fractionated human adipose tissue as a native biomaterial for the generation of a bone organ by endochondral ossification.

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Notch-inducing hydrogels reveal a perivascular switch of mesenchymal stem cell fate

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Wet milling of large quantities of human excision adipose tissue for the isolation of stromal vascular fraction cells.

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Bimodal morphological analyses of native and engineered tissues.

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Contrast-Enhanced Microtomographic Characterisation of Vessels in Native Bone and Engineered Vascularised Grafts Using Ink-Gelatin Perfusion and Phosphotungstic Acid.

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Engineered, axially-vascularized osteogenic grafts from human adipose-derived cells to treat avascular necrosis of bone in a rat model.

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Engineering of an angiogenic niche by perfusion culture of adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction cells.

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Extracellular matrix and α 5 β 1 integrin signaling control the maintenance of bone formation capacity by human adipose-derived stromal cells

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Human Adipose Mesenchymal Cells Inhibit Melanocyte Differentiation and the Pigmentation of Human Skin via Increased Expression of TGF-β1.

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Low osmolality and shear stress during liposuction impair cell viability in autologous fat grafting.

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Monocytes Seeded on Engineered Hypertrophic Cartilage Do Not Enhance Endochondral Ossification Capacity

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Pericytes Accelerate the in vivo Angiogenesis in mm-Thick Engineered Tissues

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Polycaprolactone-templated reduced-graphene oxide liquid crystal nanofibers towards biomedical applications

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Pooled thrombin-activated platelet-rich plasma: a substitute for fetal bovine serum in the engineering of osteogenic/vasculogenic grafts

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Characterization of vasculogenic potential of human adipose-derived endothelial cells in a three-dimensional vascularized skin substitute

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Fat-Derived Stromal Vascular Fraction Cells Enhance the Bone-Forming Capacity of Devitalized Engineered Hypertrophic Cartilage Matrix.

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Generationofaboneorganby humanadipose-derived stromal cells through endochondral ossification

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Implantation of Stromal Vascular Fraction Progenitors at Bone Fracture Sites: From a Rat Model to a First-in-Man Study.

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Pericyte plasticity - comparative investigation of the angiogenic and multilineage potential of pericytes from different human tissues.

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Bone-forming capacity of adult human nasal chondrocytes.

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Effects of intersyringe processing on adipose tissue and its cellular components: implications in autologous fat grafting.

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Engineered decellularized matrices to instruct bone regeneration processes

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Engraftment of prevascularized, tissue engineered constructs in a novel rabbit segmental bone defect model

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Facile fabrication of egg white macroporous sponges for tissue regeneration.

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Peripheral Nerve Repair: Multimodal Comparison of the Long-Term Regenerative Potential of Adipose Tissue-Derived Cells in a Biodegradable Conduit.

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The regeneration potential after human and autologous stem cell transplantation in a rat sciatic nerve injury model can be monitored by MRI.

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Transcriptional regulation of tenascin-W by TGF-beta signaling in the bone metastatic niche of breast cancer cells.

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Combination of immortalization and inducible death strategies to generate a human mesenchymal stromal cell line with controlled survival.

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Non-adherent mesenchymal progenitors from adipose tissue stromal vascular fraction

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Osteoblastic differentiation of wharton jelly biopsy specimens and their mesenchymal stromal cells after serum-free culture

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Robust-regeneration of osteoporotic bone using stem cell transplantation

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The regeneration potential after human and autologous stem cell transplantation in a rat sciatic nerve injury model can be monitored by MRI

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Vascularization, Survival, and Functionality of Tissue-Engineered Constructs

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Osteogenic graft vascularization and bone resorption by VEGF-expressing human mesenchymal progenitors

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Enhancing the biological performance of synthetic polymeric materials by decoration with engineered, decellularized extracellular matrix.

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Fibroblast growth factor 2 and platelet-derived growth factor, but not platelet lysate, induce proliferation-dependent, functional class II major histocompatibility complex antigen in human mesenchymal stem cells

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Recapitulation of endochondral bone formation using human adult mesenchymal stem cells as a paradigm for developmental engineering

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