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Publications Daikeler Thomas

Can the 2022 American College of Rheumatology/EULAR classification criteria for giant cell arteritis be used for diagnosis?

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Long delay from symptom onset to first consultation contributes to permanent vision loss in patients with giant cell arteritis: a cohort study.

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[ANCA-Associated Vasculitides].

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[Update Gout].

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A Simplified PET/CT Measurement Routine with Excellent Diagnostic Accuracy for the Diagnosis of Giant Cell Arteritis.

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Cutaneous leukocytoclastic vasculitis secondary to COVID-19 infection leading to extensive skin necrosis.

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Intravenous tocilizumab for the treatment of giant cell arteritis: a phase Ib dose-ranging pharmacokinetic bridging study.

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Skeletal Muscle Disorders: A Noncardiac Source of Cardiac Troponin T.

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Subclinical giant cell arteritis in new onset polymyalgia rheumatica A systematic review and meta-analysis of individual patient data.

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The provisional OMERACT ultrasonography score for giant cell arteritis.

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Case Report: Opposite Effects of BRAF Inhibition on Closely Related Clonal Myeloid Disorders.

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Chronic inflammation and extracellular matrix-specific autoimmunity following inadvertent periarticular influenza vaccination.

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Current practice of transitional care for adolescents and young adults in Swiss paediatric and adult rheumatology centres.

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JAK Inhibition in a Patient with X-Linked Reticulate Pigmentary Disorder.

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Ninety-day outcome of patients with severe COVID-19 treated with tocilizumab - a single centre cohort study.

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Throat swelling following tocilizumab infusion-not always angioedema.

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[18F]FDG positron emission tomography and ultrasound in the diagnosis of giant cell arteritis: congruent or complementary imaging methods?

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Assessment of the anti-CD40 antibody iscalimab in patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome: a multicentre, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, proof-of-concept study

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Co-Occurrence of ANCA-Associated Vasculitis and Sjögren's Syndrome in a Patient With Acromegaly: A Case Report and Retrospective Single-Center Review of Acromegaly Patients.

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COVID-19 driven care changes in high risk patients from an outpatient to a community setting - A cross-sectional study.

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Longitudinal versus cross-sectional IL-6 measurements in tocilizumab-treated GCA. Response to: 'Analysis of IL-6 measurement in GCA patients treated with tocilizumab should consider concomitant treatment with prednisone' by Samson and Bonnotte.

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Tumoural soft tissue calcification in Down syndrome: association with heterozygous germline SAMD9 mutation and hyperactive type I interferon signaling.

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Do Patients With Skin Psoriasis Show Subclinical Axial Inflammation on Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Sacroiliac Joints and Entire Spine?

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Peripheral neuropathy in antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody-associated vasculitides: Insights from the DCVAS study.

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Serial IL-6 measurements in patients with tocilizumab-treated large-vessel vasculitis detect infections and may predict early relapses.

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Syphilis Reactivates Latent Epstein-Barr Virus Reservoir via Toll-Like Receptor 2 and B-Cell Receptor Activation.

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"Exercise induced asthma" is not always asthma.

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[18F]FDG positron emission tomography in patients presenting with suspicion of giant cell arteritis-lessons from a vasculitis clinic.

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Whipple's disease mimicking an auto-inflammatory disease with myositis and soft tissue inflammation.

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