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Publications Marsano Anna

Versatile electrical stimulator for cardiac tissue engineering—Investigation of charge-balanced monophasic and biphasic electrical stimulations

Stefano Gabetti; Antonio Sileo; Federica Montrone; Giovanni Putame; Alberto L. Audenino: Anna Marsano; Diana Massai. . 2023.

Bizonal cardiac engineered tissues with differential maturation features in a mid-throughput multimodal bioreactor

Pisanu A.; Reid G.; Fusco D.; Sileo A.; Robles Diaz D.; Tarhini H.; Putame G.; Massai D.; Isu G.; Marsano A.. iScience. 2022.

Small-diameter bacterial cellulose-based vascular grafts for coronary artery bypass grafting in a pig model

Fusco D.; Meissner F.; Podesser B.K.; Marsano A.; Grapow M.; Eckstein F.; Winkler B.. Frontiers in cardiovascular medicine. 2022.

A dynamic microscale mid-throughput fibrosis model to investigate the effects of different ratios of cardiomyocytes and fibroblasts.

Mainardi A; Carminati F; Ugolini GS; Occhetta P; Isu G; Robles Diaz D; Reid G; Visone R; Rasponi M; Marsano A. Lab on a Chip. 2021.

Impact on mechanical properties of 10 versus 20 minute treatment of human pericardium with glutaraldehyde in ozaki procedure

Koechlin L.; Isu G.; Borisov V.; Diaz D.R.; Eckstein F.S.; Marsano A.; Reuthebuch O.. Annals of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. 2021.

Long-term severe in vitro hypoxia exposure enhances the vascularization potential of human adipose tissue-derived stromal vascular fraction cell engineered tissues

Mytsyk M.; Cerino G.; Reid G.; Sole L.G.; Eckstein F.S.; Santer D.; Marsano A.. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2021.

Bioreactor Platform for Biomimetic Culture and in situ Monitoring of the Mechanical Response of in vitro Engineered Models of Cardiac Tissue.

Massai D; Pisani G; Isu G; Rodriguez Ruiz A; Cerino G; Galluzzi R; Pisanu A; Tonoli A; Bignardi C; Audenino AL; Marsano A; Morbiducci U. Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology. 2020.

Fatty acid-based monolayer culture to promote in vitro neonatal rat cardiomyocyte maturation

Isu G.; Robles Diaz D.; Grussenmeyer T.; Gaudiello E.; Eckstein F.; Brink M.; Marsano A.. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular Cell Research. 2020.

Fibrin hydrogels promote scar formation and prevent therapeutic angiogenesis in the heart.

Melly L; Grosso A; Stanciu Pop C; Yu-Hsuan C; Nollevaux MC; Schachtrup C; Marsano A; Di Maggio N; Rondelet B; Banfi A. Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. 2020.

Impact on mechanical properties of 10 versus 20 minutes treatment of human pericardium with gluteraldehde in OZAKY procedure

Luca Koechlin; Giuseppe Isu; Vladislav Borisov; Diana Robles Diaz; Friedrich Eckstein; Anna Marsano; Oliver Reuthebuch. . 2020.

Next Stage Approach to Tissue Engineering Skeletal Muscle.

Reid G; Magarotto F; Marsano A; Pozzobon M. Bioengineering (Basel, Switzerland). 2020.

Modeling methodology for defining a priori the hydrodynamics of a dynamic suspension bioreactor. Application to human induced pluripotent stem cell culture.

Isu G; Morbiducci U; De Nisco G; Kropp C; Marsano A; Deriu MA; Zweigerdt R; Audenino A; Massai D. Journal of biomechanics. 2019.

Paracrine potential of adipose stromal vascular fraction cells to recover hypoxia-induced loss of cardiomyocyte function.

Mytsyk M; Isu G; Cerino G; Grapow MTR; Eckstein FS; Marsano A. Biotechnology and Bioengineering. 2019.

A three-dimensional in vitro dynamic micro-tissue model of cardiac scar formation.

Occhetta P; Isu G; Lemme M; Conficconi C; Oertle P; Räz C; Visone R; Cerino G; Plodinec M; Rasponi M; Marsano A. Integrative Biology. 2018.

Myocardial infarction stabilization by cell-based expression of controlled Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor levels.

Melly L; Cerino G; Frobert A; Cook S; Giraud MN; Carrel T; Tevaearai Stahel HT; Eckstein F; Rondelet B; Marsano A; Banfi A. Journal of cellular and molecular medicine. 2018.

Control of angiogenesis and host response by modulating the cell adhesion properties of an Elastin-Like Recombinamer-based hydrogel.

Staubli SM; Cerino G; Gonzalez De Torre I; Alonso M; Oertli D; Eckstein F; Glatz K; Rodríguez Cabello JC; Marsano A. Biomaterials. 2017.

Engineering of an angiogenic niche by perfusion culture of adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction cells.

Cerino G; Gaudiello E; Muraro MG; Eckstein F; Martin I; Scherberich A; Marsano A. Scientific Reports. 2017.

Polo-Like Kinase 2 is Dynamically Regulated to Coordinate Proliferation and Early Lineage Specification Downstream of Yes-Associated Protein 1 in Cardiac Progenitor Cells.

Mochizuki M; Lorenz V; Ivanek R; Della Verde G; Gaudiello E; Marsano A; Pfister O; Kuster GM. Journal of the American Heart Association. 2017.

Scaffold Composition Determines the Angiogenic Outcome of Cell-Based Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Expression by Modulating Its Microenvironmental Distribution.

Gaudiello E; Melly L; Cerino G; Boccardo S; Jalili-Firoozinezhad S; Xu L; Eckstein F; Martin I; Kaufmann BA; Banfi A; Marsano A. Advanced Healthcare Materials. 2017.

Vascular endothelial growth factor sequestration enhances in vivo cartilage formation

Medeiros Da Cunha C.M.; Perugini V.; Bernegger P.; Centola M.; Barbero A.; Guildford A.L.; Santin M.; Banfi A.; Martin I.; Marsano A.. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES. 2017.

Beating heart on a chip: a novel microfluidic platform to generate functional 3D cardiac microtissues.

Marsano A; Conficconi C; Lemme M; Occhetta P; Gaudiello E; Votta E; Cerino G; Redaelli A; Rasponi M. Lab on a Chip. 2016.

Cardiac Meets Skeletal: What's New in Microfluidic Models for Muscle Tissue Engineering.

Visone R; Gilardi M; Marsano A; Rasponi M; Bersini S; Moretti M. MOLECULES. 2016.

Engineered mesenchymal cell-based patches as controlled VEGF delivery systems to induce extrinsic angiogenesis.

Boccardo S; Gaudiello E; Melly L; Cerino G; Ricci D; Martin I; Eckstein F; Banfi A; Marsano A. Acta biomaterialia. 2016.

Influence of decellularized pericardium matrix on the behavior of cardiac progenitors

Jalili-Firoozinezhad, Sasan; Rajabi-Zeleti, Sareh; Marsano, Anna; Aghdami, Nasser; Baharvand, Hossein. Journal of Applied Polymer Science. 2016.

Spontaneous in vivo chondrogenesis of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal progenitor cells by blocking vascular endothelial growth factor signaling

Marsano A.; Medeiros Da Cunha C.M.; Ghanaati S.; Gueven S.; Centola M.; Tsaryk R.; Barbeck M.; Stuedle C.; Barbero A.; Helmrich U.; Schaeren S.; Kirkpatrick J.C.; Banfi A.; Martin I.. Stem cells translational medicine. 2016.

Three dimensional multi-cellular muscle-like tissue engineering in perfusion-based bioreactors

Cerino G.; Gaudiello E.; Grussenmeyer T.; Melly L.; Massai D.; Banfi A.; Martin I.; Eckstein F.; Grapow M.; Marsano A.. Biotechnology and Bioengineering. 2016.

Facile fabrication of egg white macroporous sponges for tissue regeneration.

Jalili-Firoozinezhad S; Rajabi-Zeleti S; Mohammadi P; Gaudiello E; Bonakdar S; Solati-Hashjin M; Marsano A; Aghdami N; Scherberich A; Baharvand H; Martin I. Advanced Healthcare Materials. 2015.

Engineered autologous cartilage tissue for nasal reconstruction after tumour resection: an observational first-in-human trial.

Fulco I; Miot S; Haug MD; Barbero A; Wixmerten A; Feliciano S; Wolf F; Jundt G; Marsano A; Farhadi J; Heberer M; Jakob M; Schaefer DJ; Martin I. Lancet (London, England). 2014.

Macrophage-mediated angiogenic activation of outgrowth endothelial cells in co-culture with primary osteoblasts.

Dohle E; Bischoff I; Böse T; Marsano A; Banfi A; Unger RE; Kirkpatrick CJ. European cells & materials. 2014.

In vitro mesenchymal trilineage differentiation and extracellular matrix production by adipose and bone marrow derived adult equine multipotent stromal cells on a collagen scaffold.

Xie L; Zhang N; Marsano A; Vunjak-Novakovic G; Zhang Y; Lopez MJ. Stem Cell Reviews and Reports. 2013.

Scaffold-based delivery of a clinically relevant anti-angiogenic drug promotes the formation of in vivo stable cartilage

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The effect of controlled expression of VEGF by transduced myoblasts in a cardiac patch on vascularization in a mouse model of myocardial infarction

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Cell and gene therapy approaches for cardiac vascularization.

Melly L; Boccardo S; Eckstein F; Banfi A; Marsano A. Cells. 2012.

Cell-based tissue engineering approaches for disc regeneration

Miot S.; Marsano A.; Martin I.. . 2012.

Controlled angiogenesis in the heart by cell-based expression of specific vascular endothelial growth factor levels.

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Generation of human adult mesenchymal stromal/stem cells expressing defined xenogenic vascular endothelial growth factor levels by optimized transduction and flow cytometry purification.

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In vivo chondrogenesis by using anti-angiogenic peptides

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Optimization of electrical stimulation parameters for cardiac tissue engineering.

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Challenges in Cardiac Tissue Engineering

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Generation of human nasal chondrocytes engineered to express soluble VEGF receptor-2 for cartilage tissue engineering

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Perfusion seeding of channeled elastomeric scaffolds with myocytes and endothelial cells for cardiac tissue engineering.

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Scaffold stiffness affects the contractile function of three-dimensional engineered cardiac constructs.

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Surface-patterned electrode bioreactor for electrical stimulation.

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Alignment and elongation of human adipose-derived stem cells in response to direct-current electrical stimulation.

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Efficacy and mechanisms of vacuum-assisted closure (VAC) therapy in promoting wound healing: a rodent model.

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Electrical stimulation systems for cardiac tissue engineering.

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Design of Electrical Stimulation Bioreactors for Cardiac Tissue Engineering

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Engineering of functional contractile cardiac tissues cultured in a perfusion system

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Differential cartilaginous tissue formation by human synovial membrane, fat pad, meniscus cells and articular chondrocytes

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Bi-zonal cartilaginous tissues engineered in a rotary cell culture system.

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Local compressive and tensile stiffness measured in tissues with regular patterns of hyaline-fibrocartilage regions

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Towards tissue engineering of meniscus substitutes: selection of cell source and culture environment.

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Use of hydrodynamic forces to engineer cartilaginous tissues resembling the non-uniform structure and function of meniscus.

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Oscillating perfusion of cell suspensions through three-dimensional scaffolds enhances cell seeding efficiency and uniformity.

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